"Dr Loren Hager - grounded, real, present.
[She] easily creates an environment of safety and trust. My experience has been
one of coming to her with a complaint and then experiencing her skill in drawing
from a series of modalities to address and promote healing. Over and over again,
I've come to deeply trust her training and her ability to address pretty much
whatever I walk in with."
--Laura Y.

"I met Loren Hager two years ago at the recommendation of a friend. At that time I
had severe lower back pain. After MD visits and x-rays followed by physical
therapy with minimal result of improvement, I was happy to try Loren’s healing
touch through chiropractic manipulation. From the first consultation I felt
comfortable. Loren is kind and patient and listens to my concerns. After the first
treatment I felt better. For the past two years I have gone to Loren on and off bi-
monthly and no matter what is going on in my life she listens and finds a way of
helping my body heal trough her touch. There have even been times when I have
had the beginnings of a cold and felt tired and down and called Loren for an
appointment and have walked out of her practice feeling more open and on my
way to feeling stronger and hearing better instead of stuffed up and sick. I cannot
praise Loren enough for her excellence as a chiropractic doctor. She has an
incredible ability to find where in the body you are experiencing pain or blockage
and though her touch helping the body to heal. My husband is a patient and so are
our teenage daughters. Although skeptical at first they insist on seeing Loren when
they are home from school since Loren makes you feel better."
--Jeanette F.

"Dr. Hager's easygoing and gentle demeanor make trips to her office a treat. Easy
to talk to, her highly capable hands and precision have guided me towards the
healthiest lifestyle possible. She is profoundly insightful, caring and articulate and
her passion for chiropractic is easily translated through her compassion for her
patients. Finding Dr. Hager has been life-changing and I feel better - from the
inside out - than I ever have!"
--Christina W.

"I met Dr. Hager three years ago after my internist could not find an explanation for
the chronic tingling in my left arm.  After just a few visits, all symptoms were gone. I
still fall out of alignment every few months and Dr. Hager is always available for
me.  She has a very gentle yet capable approach which is a sharp contrast to my
only other chiropractic experience which had been aggressive and uncomfortable.  
She is a skilled professional whose kindness and true concern for the patient's
overall well-being are evident in her caring manner."
--Constance L.

"I started seeing Dr. Hager about 4 months ago when I was having pain in my
lower back, which was then radiating down my thigh and into my knee. I was afraid
I was going to need surgery in the near future. I was going on vacation and was
concerned I would be limited to how much walking I'd be able to do. After just 5
treatments of Dr. Hager adjusting the alignment of my back and hips, the pain in
both my back and leg was reduced considerably. I continue to see Dr. Hager one
to two times a month and am now able to play outside and go for walks with my 5
year old grandson. Dr. Hager is very dedicated and compassionate when dealing
with her patients. Due to her "magic touch" I am no longer in pain and not limited
as to what I can do. She has reopened the world to me."
--Nancy D.

"I have taken Loren's class on numerous occasions. She teaches a very
challenging class. The flow is fast and the poses are advanced. I enjoy all the
adjustments and visual corrections. The attitude and tone of the class are to my
liking. Yoga should be challenging and fun. Loren ties these together perfectly."
–-Chris T.

"Loren uses her intuition to heal and make you feel relaxed, healthy and whole. I
highly recommend."
--Beth F.

"For two full years, my fifteen year old daughter had suffered nausea, cramping
and diarrhea for two weeks every month. I thought it may have a hormonal link,
however, our pediatrician was more comfortable with conventional medical model
treatment which included trial of diet free of lactose, wheat, then gluten —no
change noted. Next step via medical model is GI series – I refused and was
referred by a friend/neighbor to Dr. Hager. She did find the hormonal (ovary)
connection, but additionally noted issues with her bladder – this had been a
running joke in our house – this daughter can't travel 1 ½ hours without a potty
break! This proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment have resulted in near
ELIMINATION of debilitating symptoms and an overall appearance and feeling of
wellness, brightness in demeanor and face. I cannot explain how sad it was to
have two years in a state of debilitation and the difference a few months can make.
I am so convinced of the techniques and treatments here, that I am bringing my
thirteen year old and myself in, so that we too can experience optimal health!"
--Colette P.

"I had been physically weak all of my adult life, highly susceptible to serious viruses
including Epstein Barr and CMV, and unable to pursue any of my dreams and
aspirations. M.D.'s did next to nothing for me and I was disable d by the deep
exhaustion and muscle pain. A herniated disc with excruciating sciatic pain
brought Dr. Hager into my life in 2010. Her nutritional testing uncovered a variety of
food sensitivities, metallic and environmental toxicity and weakness in most of my
internal organs. Dr. Hager is able to treat these conditions successfully. I am now
able to walk, drive and sit with only minimal discomfort. Gone is the sharp biting
pain. When I have chiropractic adjustments, thy hold. I am functioning at a higher
level than ever, and continuing to rebuild my life. I am getting back activities which
were denied to me due to muscle weakness and pain, and I look forward to
continued improvement."
--Debbie S.
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