Since ancient times, yoga has been a source of both spiritual and physical healing and
wellness. The physicality, serenity and discipline inherent in yoga all contribute to make
it one of the most effective tools to align body mind and spirit, which is the definition of
true health. Yoga's emphasis on proper alignment and posture makes it a natural ally of
chiropractic.  Many of the founding philosophies of both disciplines are based on
similar principles about how the body works.

Dr. Hager has found yoga to be a great benefit to both her and her patients health and
well-being.  With the idea in mind that her patients could gain an even greater state of
complete wellness, Dr. Hager has completed her 500 hour RYT (Registered Yoga
Teacher) training and has incorporated yoga and its techniques into her treatment
plans to benefit those patients who are seeking a complete wellness lifestyle.
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